Here Are All the Celebrities Who Defied Anna Wintour’s Met Ball Social Media Ban


She may have put Kim Kardashian (and a hashtag!) on the cover of her magazine, but make no mistake: Anna Wintour’s not exactly a digital convert. According to Page Six, guests at last night’s ultra-exclusive Met Gala were sent the following mandate: “The use of phones for photography and social media will not be permitted inside the gala.” That worked out… about as well as one would expect, so in lieu of a red carpet roundup, we’ve collected evidence of the rich and powerful doing what they do best: whatever the hell they want. Click through for last night’s best Instagram selfies and Twitter updates, with our apologies to Ms. Wintour.

Kim Kardashian



Madonna (and Kim, and Kanye, and Some Guy Diplo)

Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz

Katy Perry, Madonna, and Lady Gaga

Kendall Jenner and many, many models

Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne

Kerry Washington, Lee Daniels, and Taraji P. Henson

Beyoncé and Naomi Campbell

Vanessa Hudgens, Banks, and Selena Gomez

Liu Wen and Adriana Lima