Flavorwire’s Guide to May 2015 Television Finales


So far this week, we’ve said goodbye to the debut season of Gotham and the fourth season of New Girl, signifying that we’re gearing up for the saddest time of the year: the end of the television season. Sure, we have a few anthology series and summer comedy burn-offs coming up, but the real meat and potatoes of TV — the prestige dramas and superhero thrillers and addictive sitcoms — are going on hiatus or, in some unfortunate cases, ending forever. Here’s a quick guide of May’s TV finales so you can make sure to follow your favorite shows through to the end.

Thursday, May 7 The Big Bang Theory (8 PM, CBS) — Sheldon and Amy push Leonard and Penny to set a wedding date, presumably to shift the focus away from their own relationship.

Dig (10 PM, USA)

Friday, May 8 Hawaii Five-0 (9 PM, CBS)

Sunday, May 10 Once Upon a Time (8 PM, ABC)

The Good Wife (9 PM, CBS) — Libby Hill has expressed understandable frustrations with this season in her weekly recaps, but maybe it’s possible the finale will finally pull the show together.

Revenge (10 PM, ABC) — Series finale! Last chance to get revenge!

Monday, May 11 The Originals (8 PM, The CW)

Jane the Virgin (9 PM, The CW) — The CW’s best new show ends Season 1 with — what else! — Jane going into labor.

Castle (10 PM, ABC)

Tuesday, May 12 NCIS (8 PM, CBS)

NCIS: New Orleans (9 PM, CBS)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (9 PM, ABC)

Wednesday, May 13 American Idol(8 PM, Fox) — Part two of the season finale; part one airs on Tuesday.

Arrow (8 PM, The CW) — Season 3 comes to a close as Ra’s al Ghul’s plan goes forward and, if rumors are correct, a new villain is introduced to set up Season 4.

The Middle (8 PM, ABC) — In the series’ second graduation episode, Sue’s high school celebration is, like her life, plagued with missteps and unfortunate events.

The Goldbergs (8:30 PM, ABC)

CSI: Cyber (9 PM, CBS) — A hacker is involved, of course.

Nashville (10 PM, ABC)

Thursday, May 14

The Odd Couple (8:30 PM, CBS) — Congratulations to The Odd Couple for making it 12 whole episodes!

Reign (9 PM, The CW)

Grey’s Anatomy (8 PM, ABC) — The episode’s description states that the doctors will handle “a crisis,” which is basically every other episode of Grey’s Anatomy, right? But, more importantly, McDreamy is still dead.

Scandal (9 PM, ABC)

American Crime (10 PM, ABC) — ABC’s poignant drama about a racially charged murder and the ways in which it ripples throughout a town started off promising. Now it’s time to see if it managed to stick the landing.

Elementary (10 PM, CBS)

Friday, May 15 The Amazing Race (8 PM, CBS)

Saturday, May 16 Saturday Night Live (11:30 PM, NBC) — Louis CK returns to hosting duties and Rihanna is musical guest, providing a bulletproof duo to close out the 40th season.

Sunday, May 17

The Simpsons (8 PM, Fox)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (8:30 PM, Fox) — Jake and Amy get closer during an undercover investigation, and I really hope every season of this show doesn’t end with them inching closer and closer to getting together before resetting in the next season premiere.

Family Guy (9 PM, Fox)

Mad Men (10 PM, AMC) — Finally, we’ll see how wrong our predictions are.

Monday, May 18

The Following (8 PM, Fox)

2 Broke Girls (8 PM, CBS) — The 2 Broke Girls attend Sophie’s wedding, presumably remain broke.

Mike and Molly (8:30 PM, CBS)

NCIS: Los Angeles (10 PM, CBS)

Tuesday, May 19

The Flash (8 PM, The CW) — It’s amazing that The Flash is having a real season finale, because it’s been so good and so suspenseful that at least five separate episodes could’ve worked as the finale. I mean, time travel? Reverse Flash? And now another big bad? That’s the way it’s done.

Dancing With the Stars (9 PM, ABC)

Wednesday, May 20

Survivor (8 PM, CBS) — As always, the finale will be followed by a reunion special.

Supernatural (9 PM, The CW)

Modern Family (9 PM, ABC)

Black-ish (9 PM, ABC) — In the Season 1 finale, the Johnsons provide a history of their family through Pops’ storytelling and guest stars Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mary J. Blige.

Late Show With David Letterman (11:30 PM, CBS)

Sunday, May 24

Battle Creek (10 PM, CBS)

Thursday, May 28

Louie (10:30 PM, FX) — Louie basically just started and the season has been phenomenal, so we’re all in denial about this finale.