The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon has bestowed upon us the “rancid pile of hot garbage” known as Hot Pursuit, which opened this weekend. The actress appeared on the SNL stage last night in the wake of the critical melee. Witherspoon hasn’t hosted SNL since 2001 — the first episode to air after the September 11th attacks, replacing Kevin Spacey. See how Witherspoon performed during a vastly different set of difficult circumstances, below.

The Best

“2016 Republicans Cold Open”

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference meets a 2 Unlimited concert? It’s hard to take eyes off Taran Killam’s Marco Rubio, who goes heavy on the tanning oil and dancing ladies.

“Mother’s Day Apologies Monologue With Reese Witherspoon”

We get to know our cast members through real-life embarrassing stories about their childhood, with all the moms on stage (and later, home movie clips). That sounds like it should be painful, but it’s quite adorable and funny.

“Picture Perfect”

No one wants to draw the Prophet Muhammad.

“Mr. Westerberg”

Beck Bennett’s character disturbs his co-workers (and some delicate SNL audiences) with jokes about the boss yanking his pants down and giving him baths. Bennett’s dark humor expertly cuts close to the line, but this could also be the reason he’s not in many sketches. SNL needs a little more of him, though, to shake things up.

“Weekend Update”

A pretty blah “Weekend Update,” but stick around for the Floyd Mayweather joke.

“High School Theatre Show With Reese Witherspoon”

I was hoping I’d never have to watch this sketch again, but Leslie Jones’ annoyed audience member picks up the slack.

“Whiskers R We With Reese Witherspoon”

Admittedly, I was a little sad when Witherspoon’s character, Purr-sula, didn’t go heavy on the seduction with Whiskers R We’s Barbara DeDrew (one of Kate McKinnon’s best characters). But the focus stayed on McKinnon’s hilarious one-liners about each kitten, and it became clear there was nothing to fear. Barbara DeDrew, unwitting sex magician, lives on.

The Worst

“The L.A. Scene”

Once upon a time, the mayor of Georgetown, Texas left his mic on in the bathroom — and SNL will never let us forget it (complete with fart jokes).

“Southern Ladies”

I want to support any sketch that involves demons, but no.


I have no idea what just happened.

Musical Guest: Florence + the Machine