Owen Wilson Is Quite Often Awestruck: Links You Need to See


Everybody makes mistakes. It’s a part of life. Even self-driving cars make mistakes, apparently, because four of them have been involved in accidents in California. If you fancy yourself an impeccable human driver and are gloating due to the imperfections of machines, check out this essay on why being wrong and screwing up is good for you, and try not to judge this vulnerable new technology so harshly.

Imagine if you woke up and billboards weren’t plastered with lurid portraits of celebrities, promotions for some show you probably won’t watch, or gargantuan chicken sandwiches, but rather with pieces of famous art. Such is the case in Tehran (the city did it to promote their museums), and the results are beautiful. And while the streets were filled with works of art in Tehran, they became actual art in these maps designed to look like pop art. Perhaps one of them might lead you to one one of these visionary environments.

Mother’s Day was yesterday, and in the flurry of cards, flowers and last-minute gifts that were showered upon so many families’ matriarchs, there was one gift that topped them all: a lie detector test. These incredibly affable mothers allowed their children to ask them some awkward personal questions, whose answers most children probably wouldn’t want to hear. Compliment this with a list of the “best moms” in science fiction.

And, for the sake of pure joy: here’s a supercut of every time Owen Wilson says “Wow” in a movie. Depending on your sense of humor, this last link may bring either more joy, distanced, scientific appreciation, or pure repulsion: Italy now has a “Shit Museum” (Museo Della Merda). Enjoy!