How Would Radiohead’s “Karma Police” Look as a Painting?: Links You Need to See


Summer is finally settling down around us, and the warm weather will probably have you thinking about all the awesome things you want to do, while simultaneously distracting you from actually doing any of it. If one of your goals for something to pretend to be interested in accomplishing this Summer is writing, then you should read these rather educational pretend-letters between Hemingway and Fitzgerald about The Great Gatsby.

Or maybe you want to pretend to want to improve your filmmaking skills? Watching this adorable video of a woolen-animation ape exploring a small garden won’t necessarily help with actual accomplishment, nor will this short video of R2D2 whipping out some heavy artillery and taking out some Jawas. But that’s okay, they’re amusing — just like inactively convincing yourself you want to learn something new is amusing.

If you’re looking to “improve upon” your skills in philosophy and reasoning, then you should check out these Monty Python-esque animations of classic philosophers. Once you’re done with that, take a look at these comic books for poetry lovers (or poetry for comic-book lovers, for that matter). Either way you slice it, the results are enticingly beautiful. And since we’re on the subject of beautiful combinations, check out these renderings of Radiohead songs in painting form.

And, alas, let’s end with a bit more beauty. A team of scientists exploring off of the coast of Puerto Rico recently caught video footage of marine animals that may never have been seen before; watch it here, especially if you want to pretend to want to become a marine biologist this Summer.