What Does a Warren Ellis Fan Look Like?


Friday afternoon just got a whole lot more interesting online. Comics giant Warren Ellis is giving his fans their yearly chance to send him their self-portraits which he’ll post to his website for the next 24 hours. We’ll let him explain why: “I dunno. Kind of a tradition now, since the days of the WEF and Die Puny Humans. I have this idea in my head that the internet, like Soylent Green, is made out of people, and it doesn’t hurt to see the people you’re with when you come here.”

It’s a perfect storm of strange, and some excellent desktop people watching. After the jump, we show you some of our favorites.

Post #1 goes from a groom to a camouflage enthusiast to a reader who’s giving Steve Jobs nightmares.

The second post includes an Elvis impersonator, a monk (possibly in jail?), and what could only be described as an older, bloated Spider Jerusalem.

Construction workers, mustache enthusiasts, and a sexy skeleton wearing a hard hat… that’s also the second or third baby we have seen. A note to the parents: Transmetropolitan is not appropriate bedtime reading.

Up top we have an underwater shot, surfing, possibly a ninja star, another baby, and a blue man who could either be Poseidon, Dr. Manhattan with facial hair, or a relative of this guy.

This might be our favorite. You really get an idea of how eclectic Ellis’ readers are, although there is one connecting thread: not smiling.

You’ve got all day to send in a picture to Ellis at warrenellis@gmail.com. Let us know if you make it up there!