The Best Quotes from Mad Men’s Seventh and Final Season


Tomorrow night marks the end of an era when Mad Men concludes its seventh and final season. From the characters and music, to the style and social themes, there is much to praise when it comes to Matthew Weiner’s period drama. But words and writing have played a key role in Mad Men’s allure, even when it comes to the books that Don lingers over, inspiring essays for weeks following each appearance. Here are some of the seventh season’s best quotes, proving how each line becomes a key that unlocks the show’s themes and character narratives. In the spirit of togetherness as we approach Mad Men‘s finale, continue adding to our list, below.

“The city’s flat and ugly, and the air is brown, but I love the vibrations.” —Pete

“They waited so long, I thought we were safe.” —Don

“It just looks good now, but it was miserable when you were in it.” —Peggy

“I’m jealous of your ability to be sentimental about the past. I’m not able to do that. I remember things as they were.” —Trudy

“I don’t want you to think I’m a quitter. I’ve fought for plenty in my life. That’s how I know when it’s over. It’s not a weakness. It’s been a gift for me, to know when to move on.” —Betty

“Just cash the checks. You’re going to die one day.” —Ted

“I’m so many people.” —Sally

“Do you think I’m a good mother? Then why don’t they love me?” —Betty

“That machine makes men do unnatural things.” —Stan

“Does this family exist anymore? Are there people who eat dinner and smile at each other instead of watching TV?” —Peggy

“Every time an old man starts talking about Napoleon, you know they’re gonna die.” —Roger

“I want love, and I’d rather die hoping that happens than make some arrangement.” —Joan

“Whenever I’m really confused about an idea, first I abuse the people whose help I need and then I take a nap. Then I start at the beginning and see if I wind up in the same place.” —Don

“It’s sunny here for everyone but me. I’m walking around in a cloud of no.” —Megan

“I’m tired of everyone telling me to shut up. I’m not stupid. I speak Italian.” —Betty

“She should be able to live the rest of her life, just like a man does.” —Peggy

“When anyone pays attention to you, and they always do, you just ooze everywhere.” —Sally

“I know how I want you to see me.” —Don

“Sometimes I think I died, and I’m in some heaven or hell, or limbo?” —Pete

“This is the beginning of something, not the end.” —Don