‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 3 Episode 5: The Sketch You Need to See


Every episode of Inside Amy Schumer deserves to be talked about, but there’s always one segment that rises above the rest and necessitates a little extra conversation. In lieu of recapping full episodes, we’re here to help you with water-cooler conversation by letting you know which sketch was an absolute must-watch.

The centerpiece of last night’s episode was title sketch “Babies and Bustiers” — a lengthy Toddlers & Tiaras parody that found Amy Schumer playing an overgrown Honey Boo Boo type and veered giddily into absurdity. But my favorite sketch came a bit later in the episode. “Doggy Daycare” finds a gaggle of “dog moms” — including the wonderful Rachel Dratch — boasting about their canine adoptees. These beloved pets are, of course, rescues (Dratch apparently wrenched hers from the hands of a Hurricane Katrina orphan). And, like the itty-bitty people they are, they’re way stressed out by social media and have to be put on psychiatric medication.

Of course, the sketch escalates. There’s a funny swat at Jenny McCarthy. (“There’s nothing she doesn’t know,” Schumer deadpans.) We meet a former “child dog soldier.” And then things get really weird.

Rachel Dratch, anti-vaxx humor, adorable dogs — is there anything more we can ask for out of a two-minute sketch?