‘Star Wars’ Meets Kids’ Imaginations in Craig Davison’s Evocative Paintings


If your childhood entailed a healthy mix of both getting lost in Nintendo and playing outside with your tangible friends, then British artist Craig Davison‘s Star Wars paintings will warm your heart and simultaneously make you wish that paper-towel rolls could still transform into lightsabers. In Davison’s series, pre-tweens use their imaginations to travel to a galaxy far, far away and craftily become beloved characters from George Lucas’ epic Star Wars universe. Clicking through the slideshow, you’ll encounter a makeshift Luke Skywalker (using Grandpa’s cane as a lightsaber), Yoda (with ears made from clothespins), R2-D2 (whose rotund head is crafted with a bowl), Princess Leia (toting a hair-dryer gun), Darth Vaders in hoodies, and spacecrafts made from the lids of trashcans. Prints of Davison’s work are available to purchase online from the ArtMarket and The Hawthorn Gallery websites. Feel the force!

“BMX-Wings,” 32″ x 40″ (2015) ©Craig Davison

“5 Vaders!… Right We’re Having 5 Lukes!”, 26″ x 40″ (2015) ©Craig Davison

“I Need Your Help R2,” 21.5″ x 28″ (2015) ©Craig Davison

“Full Force,” 22.5″ x 32″, (2015) ©Craig Davison

“KEEEE-OOOOH!”, 28″ x 21.5″ (2015) ©Craig Davison

“Blast ‘Em Chewy!”, 21.5″ x 28″ (2015) ©Craig Davison

“Super Troopers,” 34″ x 26″ (2015) ©Craig Davison

“Yoda Am I,” 21.5″ x 28″ (2015) ©Craig Davison

“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” 21.5″ x 28″ (2015) ©Craig Davison