The Most Iconic Coffee Moments in Film [Sponsored]


You’re not the only one to need a 3pm pickmeup or a morning jolt from a quick cup of joe. Coffee plays a big role in some of our favorite films, for some of cinema’s most memorable characters. Read on for our picks of the most iconic coffee moments in film. And if it inspires you to grab a Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee? All the better.

1. Elf: World’s Best Cup of Coffee

Of course, “world’s best cup of coffee” is more, um, subjective, than Buddy the Elf realizes…

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Breakfast

Coffee and a croissant: breakfast of (impossibly elegant) champions.

3. LA Story: Ordering Coffee LA-Style

The scene that launched a thousand mediocre standup routines.

4. Glengarry Glen Ross: Coffee’s for Closers

Don’t make him tell you twice.

5. Kicking and Screaming: Ditka’s Speech

Will Ferrel’s second appearance on this list! Legendary NFL coach Mike Ditka (and coffee) picks up an otherwise forgettable film.

6. The Usual Suspects: Kobayashi

SPOILER ALERT! Do we still have to say that, 20 years after the movie came out? Still, it’s a fantastic scene in an incredible film. Watch the whole thing first, if you haven’t.

7. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me: Good Morning America

The prequel film to David Lynch’s acclaimed TV series, Twin Peaks (which we’re thrilled he’s back at the helm of for Showtime’s reboot).

8. Coffee and Cigarettes: Delirium

RZA, GZA, and Bill Murray walk into a diner…