The Most Iconic Coffee Moments in Music [Sponsored]


We’ve already explored coffee fans on the silver screen; now we turn to music. Bands and artists have been equally inspired over the years by a buzzy sip of coffee. Check out our roundup for proof! And if you feel in need of some refreshment yourself, might we suggest a Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee?

1. Squeeze: “Black Coffee in Bed”

Little known fact: Elvis Costello sang backing vocals on this track!

2. Blur: “Coffee & TV”

Pretty sure Graham Coxon is talking to coffee when he sings “agree to marry me…”

3. Bob Dylan: “One More Cup of Coffee”

So goodbyes are a little bit easier when there’s coffee, then?

4. Sam Cooke: “The Coffee Song”

Originally performed by Frank Sinatra in 1946, we love Sam Cooke’s version.

5. Bob Marley: “One Cup of Coffee”

Never heard this one? We hadn’t either! But it’s actually one of Marley’s first singles.

6. Ella Fitzgerald: “Black Coffee”

Like “The Coffee Song,” this song has been recorded by many artists. But Ella doesn’t just sing it. She feels it.

7. Humble Pie: “Black Coffee”

Coffee gets a serious groove from Humble Pie.

8. Cream: “The Coffee Song”

How’s about a little Cream in your coffee?

9. Kate Bush: “Coffee Homeground”

Kate Bush goes gothic (surprised?) with warnings against certain spiked drinks.

10. Chas & Dave: What I Want is a Proper Cup of Coffee

A gem for any anglophiles out there: a quick cut from classic “rockney” duo Chas & Dave

Bonus: Beastie Boys: “Intergalactic”

Had to include this one, just for the quick shoutout: “I like my sugar with coffee and cream.”