Will Memes Make Your Flights Safer? Links You Need to See


If you’re on the fence about getting a dog or becoming an organ donor, this heartbreaking PSA from Argentina will make you want to do both—because organs save lives and a dog’s loyalty doesn’t end, even if you die and your organs go to someone else. Between that and this beautiful and delicate video about the life of a honey bee cycle, you may be trying to prevent yourself from crying at your desk. As a preventative measure, watch this in-flight safety video Delta Airlines just released that brings back—wait for it—the Dramatic Chipmunk (along with 24 other memes). Maybe now at least some of us will pay enough attention to know how to inflate that vest in the event of an emergency landing.

Speaking of landings, a Florida man who made an (emergency? deliberate?) landing on the US Capitol lawn in his gyrocopter is now facing charges that carry up to 9½ years in prison after he also flew through miles of restricted airspace in Washington, DC. Meanwhile, two DEA agents who were allegedly running a strip club (“Twins Plus Go-Go”) for four years on the side, where a slew of illegal activities were allegedly happening daily, are only facing up to five years in prison. And, this hot dog vendor who has been ripping off tourists with $30 hot dogs and pretzels near the 9/11 memorial is facing…well, he’s still just being investigated by the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs, so he can’t be used yet to show the arbitrariness of some prison sentences.

If you think a $30 hot dog is steep, then this $725 million ranch in Texas is not for you. In fact, “[t]his is a Wall Street or Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s last chance to buy the next King Ranch,” said the guy who works for the firm that listed the place. In news of other colossal — though probably cheaper — things, a school teacher built a life-size replica of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit. I may not have the time or money to undertake such a large project or spend such a large sum, but I do have time to, and could certainly afford to, take down one of these awful #fakerape posters that’ve appeared on the Upper West Side.