Scrabble Acknowledges the Importance of Vaping: Links You Need to See


The unbelievable things that can happen in a day! First, the Boy Scouts of America have finally admitted that their longstanding ban on participation by openly gay adults is no longer sustainable, and their national president called for change…mic drop. No, wait. Pick that mic back up — that’s not all. Second, the story of how Kimye got together is different than you think: Kim pursued Kanye. And third, that stickler for proper words, that jerk who never, ever gave you pointz for creative spelling—Scrabble—just added thousands of new words that include slang like “obvs,” “sexting,” “vape” (about which Flavorwire’s Jonathon Sturgeon wrote extensively) and “cazh” (as in “casual”). Now that mic can be dropped.

On the other hand, no one is surprised anymore that NYC keeps giving us less for more and more, like this “elven closet” without a bathroom on St. Marks for $1,150 per month. Or that NYC doesn’t even make this new list of the 25 best American cities for jobs (but Pittsburgh, Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco are all on there). Or that these eight interview questions sounded inappropriate when you first heard them, and now it turns out that they actually were illegal. The next time that some potential employer asks if you plan on drinking at the company dinners, you can just shut him/her down with your knowledge of the law.

But, back to the unbelievable: NYT film critics complained that the market was being flooded with too many new releases, and now they’re not actually going to review every movie that comes out in the city. In other “news,” whoever designed this XL tank top for Walmart seems to have put away their tape measure and just gone with their imagination. Who needs rules when you have vision? Oh, and speaking of vision, the votes are in and Eurovision is now down to ten countries who brought their A-game, including Azerbaijan, Lithuania, and Montenegro. Where is France? Germany? Mic drop.