‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 3 Episode 6: The Sketch You Need to See


Every episode of Inside Amy Schumer deserves to be talked about, but there’s always one segment that rises above the rest and necessitates a little extra conversation. In lieu of recapping full episodes, we’re here to help you with water-cooler conversation by letting you know which sketch was an absolute must-watch.

The opening line of Amy Schumer’s powerhouse Night of Too Many Stars stand-up set, reprised minutes earlier in “80s Ladies,” is designed to shock: “As my mentor, the great Bill Cosby, told me…” A performer as widely heralded (and, arguably, tokenized) as The Voice of Feminist Comedy Today would have to tackle this year’s Cosby scandals eventually; what’s remarkable about her “Court of Public Opinion” sketch is its ability to frame its criticisms in Schumer’s distinct comic voice.

Schumer delights in portraying, and passing herself off as, terrible people, so she skewers Cosby’s defenders by playing one — literally. “Let’s remind ourselves what’s at stake here,” she tells the jury after plying them with Puddin’ Pops, sweaters, and a pretty decent opening credits dance. “If convicted, the next time you put on a rerun of The Cosby Show, you may wince a little… and none of us deserve that!”

However passionate her defense of the American public’s decades-strong strategy of ignoring the allegations and hoping the guilt will go away, though, she still won’t touch Cosby’s celebratory drink. Amy Schumer’s screen persona may be awful, but she ain’t stupid.