Stormtrooper Chic: The Best in Star Wars-Inspired Fashion


For the 30th anniversary of the classic sci-fi franchise, designers have been honing in on everything Star Wars with homages that bring us back to our days of Princess Leia lunch boxes and our Han Solo action figures. Old habits die hard, and wanting to emulate your favorite Star Wars characters? Well, that’s something you haven’t been able to stop doing ever since the first time you held up a stick and made a “woosh” sound every time you swung it at your baby sister. Face it, we’re all Star Wars nerds at heart and now we can look the part. The best in 2009’s Star Wars-inspired fashions after the jump.

First, a line of watches from Marc Ecko and Timex that are sure to end up on any Star Wars geek’s Christmas list, somewhere between Ecko’s Star Wars hoodies (above) and a replica of the Princess Leia bikini from Return of the Jedi (Carrie Fischer not included).

And from Hypebeast, a look at the new Summer 2010 Adidas Originals collection of Imperial and Rebel Sneakers and activewear. Sure, Adidas may have already ventured down this road once before, but a classic never dies, and there certainly won’t be a dearth of boys willing to cash in the money in their Boba Fett piggy banks in order to snag a pair.

Non-fashion related aside: Star Wars-inspired cakes also seem to be experiencing a popularity surge. You know, in case you prefer your homage edible.