Dinosaurs Are Taking Over: Links You Need to See


Dinosaurs are officially back—in film, that is. There’s the upcoming blockbuster, Jurassic World, and today we were treated to the first trailer for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur. The story speculates what the world would be like if the comet missed. It looks great, obviously, not to mention cute. Originally due for a summer 2014 release, The Dissolve gives the full run-down of what’s been taking them so long (and the trailer, of course).

Although everyone is prepared for some shocks, are they prepared for “huge shocks”? We’re talking Game of Thrones, people. “I’m not going to say what happens, but there are some huge shocks, some huge set pieces — it’s going to be epic,” said Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, who was speaking to The Huffington Post.

With everyone seemingly basking in the glow of their very own ‘good-for-her’ sentiments about Caitlyn Jenner, Brian Lowry atVariety has floated the not-so-crazy idea of a gender neutral award for acting performances. Citing, quite rightly, how “Louie has much more in common with the women of Girls or Nurse Jackie than he does with the guys on The Big Bang Theory.” Just imagine: an Oscars night head-to-head battle between Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep…

At first she wasn’t even convinced to release the book, but Harper Lee’s forthcoming Go Set a Watchman has set the pre-sale record for Harper Collins. That’s according to Robert Thompson, chief executive of News Corp, Harper Collins’ parent company. The book, which has been dogged since its announcement by accusations of exploitation, comes out on July 14th.

With relatively recent announcements of The Stand and It being remade, it’s easy to forget that another Stephen King book-to-movie project predates them both; the epic Dark Tower series. Deadline reported today that Nikolaj Arcel will rewrite the script and direct the first, of what will be a series, of movies. Arcel wrote the screenplay for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

R2-D2 takes a lot of shit. Let’s be real here, you don’t see any of the other members of the rebel alliance volunteering to clamber atop a craft that’s just been hit by enemy fire, and is hurtling through space. Neatorama tracked down a video made by Brotherhood Workshop that shows exactly what will happen when R2 eventually cracks.