Video of the Day: Don Draper’s Words to Live By


Because we miss him so, especially in the wake of another Don Draper-free Sunday night, we’re ordering you to watch this clever Gawker.TV roundup of his life lessons. And you should be happy that we’re bossing you around, because as Don would say, “People want to be told what to do so badly that they’ll listen to anyone.” (Although our favorite Draperism has to be, “You’re born alone, and you die alone. And this world just drops a bunch of rules on you to make you forget those facts.” Dark.)

If you still find yourself pining for Mad Men after you watch, we say it’s time to find a new show to hop into bed with on Sunday nights. May we suggest Showtime’s Californication? Less style, but more sex, and there are still three new episodes left in the current season.

Remember, “Change is neither good or bad. It simply is.”