Resting NiceFace Wields the Velociraptor Claw: Links You Need to See


Teachers just can’t teach these days, it seems, without bringing a jammer into the classroom to get their students to stop texting and pay attention! Or, at least, that’s what this one Florida science teacher thought when he did just that (earning the ire of Verizon and possibly the FCC, and a five-day suspension). But things could have been even worse — as this professor points out — if a student had complained that the teacher was not “sensitive enough toward his feelings.” Apparently, professors are facing career-ending consequences for presenting difficult concepts and texts to students. But, while we’re avoiding mental harm in the classroom, anyone from the public at large is allowed to stroll through an airport carrying an AR-15, fully loaded with a 100-round drum in Georgia. With no consequences.

In an ideal world, school would look like Hogwarts and the students and teachers alike would be engaged in a battle against capitalism Lord Voldemort. And while that’s not reality, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” is actually set to open in Universal Studios Hollywood in spring of 2016, and will include an outdoor roller coaster ride called “Flight of the Hippogriff.” I haven’t been as excited about anything today since I found out that you can buy a “very large claw from the Velociraptor Dromaeosaur Raptor Dinosaur found in Mongolia, China” at a Fifth Avenue shop. At 75 million years old, is the claw the oldest shop item that we have in New York City?

Compared to other global capitals, New York City is a baby. So much so that you can watch the city’s urban growth (of most of it’s existence) in this time-lapse video in less than it takes you to heat up a Hot Pocket. While you’re at it, you can also watch this video supercut of emotional Pixar moments (Woody seeing Andy’s car drive away, lots of group hugs, Marlin looking for Nemo) and then close with an emotional overload: Look at this cheery dog named Cinnamon with Resting NiceFace — the foil of Grumpy Cat — who has glaucoma and Cushing’s disease, and thus looks perpetually over-happy to see you.