Odeith, the Artist of Famously Mind-Bending 3D Graffiti, Is Also a Masterful Portraitist


Portuguese graffiti artist Sergio Odeith (or simply “Odeith”) mesmerized the Internet last year when his mind-bending “anamorphic” graffiti went viral. (He’s actually been creating the 3D-like pieces, using the same distinctive perspective technique, since 2005.) By painting on 90-degree corners, Odeith manipulates the eye, creating the optical illusion — with freaky realism — that the work is suspended in midair. But he is also accomplished in creating more conventional graffiti, with a particular flair for portraiture.

Odeith recently finished up two pieces in Charleston, SC, one in conjunction with nonprofit Enough Pie, which supports community art in Charleston’s upper peninsula, and the other a private piece that backs out onto a main street — so everyone gets to enjoy it. Charleston has the honor of being only the third US city in which Odeith has produced work, following his pieces in Baton Rouge, LA and Lexington, KY. And (to the delight of anyone known to squeal anytime a certain favorite actor of Wes Anderson’s appears anywhere in any form), while in Charleston, Odeith he may have found the subject for his next portrait. View Odeith’s latest works in Charleston and his lesser-seen portraits in our gallery.

Odeith’s latest piece in Charleston, S.C.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Odeith’s other new piece in Charleston, S.C.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Bob Marley. Lisbon, Portugal.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Amalia Rodrigues. Damaia, Portugal.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Mary J. Blige. Damaia Portugal.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Richard Pryor. Baton Rouge, La.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Martin Luther King, Jr. Cova da Moura, Portugal.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Unknown woman. Ribatejo, Portugal.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Eusébio (famous Portuguese football player). Lisbon, Portugal.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

Actor Alan Ford in a scene from ‘Snatch’. Lisbon Portugal.Image credit: Sergio Odeith

H. R. Giger tribute. Lisbon, Portugal.Image credit: Sergio Odeith