Hot Dogs Are the New Pizza: Links You Need to See


Whenever there’s some monstrous food hybrid (a turducken that’s also a condom! polenta fries that are also WWII!) posted online, it’s usually something cooked up in a private kitchen either as a gag, an experiment or a mistake. However, Pizza Hut is now very publicly advertising one such monstrosity that very much looks to be the latter: it is, simply, a pizza whose crust is just many (28, to be exact) very small hot dogs. As pictured above, the Hot Dog Bites Pizza looks vaguely cellular — like a microorganism you wouldn’t want slipping into your system. Atlantic writer Megan Garber decided to investigate whether this thing even is a pizza. “What does it mean, ultimately, to be a type of food?” she asks. “I have no idea! I just really like pizza. So I consulted some experts.” Here’s the result.

The pepperoni-pimpled disk ramparted in micropenile tubes of pulverized mammal pictured at the top of the post may twist your face into an expression much like:

But it turns out this image of a crying child has nothing was actually one of many projected onto thick clouds of smog emanating from factories as part of Chinese organization Xiao Zhu’s Breathe Again campaign to fight air pollution in China. And, speaking of campaigns that are worth being heard, The Dissolve has posted their most recent guide to promising cinematic crowdfunding campaigns.

Everyone is talking about Orange Is the New Black today, and the fact that it was released last night at 9 p.m instead of this morning at 3 a.m., as had been advertised. Fervor surrounding the release was already high, with an explosion of new interviews with cast members across the web (read an interview with Danielle Brooks — aka Taystee — here, an interview with series newcomer Ruby Rose, in which she admits she has a tattoo of another cast-member, here, and, if you’re too impatient to read individual interviews, read one with Laura Prepon, Barbara Rosenblat, Taryn Manning, Yael Stone, Lea DeLaria, Selenis Leyva, and Stephanie Andujar here). Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until June 18 to binge-eat the above-featured terrifying implosion of American fast food favorites while binge-watching the just-released new season: but if you do, you’ll get 2.15384615385 tiny hot dogs per episode… in case you were wondering.