Darren Aronofsky Almost Made a Batman Movie: Links You Need to See


Before Christopher Nolan came along and made Batman cool and box-office friendly again, the Dark Knight was at a low point, last seen in the embarrassing Batman & Robin. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed five other projects that vied to be made before Nolan’s Batman Begins. One included a Darren Aronofsky-directed adaptation of Frank Miller’s excellent Year One graphic novel. The script got panned when Warner Bros. realized how violent it was. “I think I heard a shriek of horror,” said Miller of Warner Bros.’ response.

Speaking to Huffington Post about The X-Files revamp, David Duchovny hinted that the new season will jump between genres: “there will be no musical but apart from that we can do pretty much anything.” At times a script is inexplicable (like a musical version of The X-Files might be), and you get the feeling that you’re actually watching a really involved two-hour commercial that is also an homage to Blackfish, but there are dinosaurs eating people, so of course it’s broken the previous opening box office records. As for the poor theme park victims, spare a thought for the guy who comes out of a bar holding two margaritas — which he’s probably spent a fortune on — and is instantly attacked by a dino-bird.

James Murphy, aka LCD Soundsystem, has some time on his hands. He recently opened a wine bar in Brooklyn, and now he has teamed up with Heineken to try make New York City subway turnstiles produce a nice sounds. “Rush hour, instead of a nightmare,” said Murphy, “would possibly become the most beautiful time to be in the subway.” I’m not holding my breath.