Intimate Photo Portraits of Hollywood Boulevard’s Street Characters


If you’re walking down Hollywood Boulevard and find yourself face to face with Marilyn Monroe or Darth Vader, that’s not just the magic of the movies — or the heat of Los Angeles — getting to you. Plenty of flesh-and-blood people haunt that artery dressed up as legendary stars and iconic characters, posing for photos with tourists and living off their tips. Copenhagen-based photographer Ken Hermann was fascinated by these performers, who, he writes, “are — or once were — pursuing the American dream of becoming someone special and famous. And, it is this struggle mixed with the childish fantasy world I find interesting.” Hermann captures this emotional complexity in Hollywood Street Characters, his beautifully composed series of portraits. Click through for a few highlights, and visit Hermann’s Behance page or website to learn more about his work.

Marilyn Monroe – April Q Russel. Photo credit: Ken Hermann

Spiderman – Rashade Rouse. Photo credit: Ken Hermann

Minnie Mouse – Milagro Aguiar. Photo credit: Ken Hermann

Superman – Javier Francisco. Photo credit: Ken Hermann

Charlie Chaplin – Tobias Santiago. Photo credit: Ken Hermann

Mad Hatter – Jason. Photo credit: Ken Hermann

Darth Vader – Joe. Photo credit: Ken Hermann

Chewbacca – Jabari Farrow. Photo credit: Ken Hermann