Russia Gets a Militaristic Amusement Park and the World Gets “Google Sheep View”: Links You Need to See


Sometimes, during times like these, when people like Donald Trump run for president (and get the approval of other similarly unsavory figures), one may wish to they could retreat to a little Up-like house hidden away atop a Manhattan roof. And if you can’t take refuge in a skyscraper cabin, perhaps your feet will at least be happy hiding in a pair of these Yeezy Boost 350s (whose worldwide release is June 27).

The taco emoji has finally arrived, and so has a military-style ‘Disneyland-esque’ park in Russia (to be completed by 2017—but the gift shop is now open; there are Putin magnets). In the meantime, you can go visit the Statue of Liberty on the 130th anniversary of her immigration to the United States from France (she sailed packed in 214 crates), or, if you’re an adorable stuffed tiger named Hobbes, you can travel around an airport when the staff gets bored. Wherever you go, if you take an Uber to get there, enjoy the facility of calling that ride while it lasts. The California Labor Commission has just ruled that at least one Uber driver is officially an employee. If this ruling sticks, Uber’s business model—treating the more than one million drivers around the globe as third-party contractors—will have to undergo a drastic change, as Uber will find itself with a lot more employees officially on their payroll.

While you’re waiting for your Uber, you can also use Google Sheep View to eaveswatch on all the sheep in the world. Or, you can look closely to see if you can spot the invisible stripes on your skin, which are actually “cellular relics of our development from a single cell to a fully formed human.” Or, you can just keep your eyes peeled for a group of cos-playing Spartan soldiers. Because, hey, it’s New York: the city where everything is possible, even postal workers pretending to be poor kids to get presents from strangers.