Watch Lily Tomlin Kick Ass in the First Trailer for ‘Grandma’


Since its debut at Sundance in January, Paul Weitz’s comedy/drama Grandma has been wowing festival audiences and critics (including this one), thanks to its low-key charm, warm vibe, and first rate cast, which includes Julia Garner, Marcia Gay Harden, Laverne Cox, Sam Elliot, Judy Greer, and Lily Tomlin in the title role. The story of a desperate young woman (Gardner) — who goes to her grandmother to help pay for her abortion — turns into a journey through the older woman’s past, and the kind of shambling character piece that Hal Ashby or Paul Mazursky might’ve directed back in the ‘70s (when we first met Ms. Tomlin).

It also marks her first leading role since—and this seems impossible—1988’s Big Business, but the timing couldn’t be better. Tomlin’s back on everyone’s minds thanks to the success of Grace and Frankie , and there’s talk (premature to be sure, but fun nonetheless) that Grandma could be the movie that finally nets her some Oscar love. It’s long overdue, and richly deserved.

Anyway, here’s your first trailer:

Grandma opens August 21 in limited release.