New Tanlines Video Is ‘Sliding Doors’ Meets ‘Girls’ Starring Natasha Lyonne and Alex Karpovsky


Brooklyn electro-pop duo Tanlines are known for having a good sense of humor (see: their Netflix-aping official website), but their new video for “Palace” takes it to a new level.

Alex Karpovsky, best known for playing Ray on Girls, and Teddy Blanks direct a clip built around the striking resemblance between Karpovsky and Tanlines’ Eric Emm. Natasha Lyonne plays their love interest in this Sliding Doors-esque look at how small actions can have longterm effects on our lives… but also maybe they’re futile in the end?

It’s funny, though! Karpovsky nods to Girls’ coke-binge warehouse scene by dousing himself in drugs under strobe lights. Also, he is so bad at sex, his ex-flings conspire to electrocute him in the bathtub. Leo Fitzpatrick from Kids and Ben Sinclair from High Maintenance make cameos. Watch below.

“Palace,” co-produced by Urban Outfitters as part of their UO Music Video Series, is off Tanlines’ recently released album, Highlights.