Watch: A Liberated Kit Harington Delights in Pure Ridiculousness in Trailer for HBO’s Tennis Mockumentary


For the last four years, Kit Harington has devoted his time to a very grave television show, with a very grave fifth season finale. Luckily, given the actor’s seeming liberation (from what? I didn’t say anything), he’s letting his comedic side — the side that might otherwise conflict with his Jon Snowiness — loose. The trailer for Jake Szymanski’s upcoming HBO TV featurette — a 45-minute mockumentary about two idiotic tennis players — 7 Days in Hell reveals the glorious extent to which Harington can diverge from the gruesome gravity of all things Westeros. He’s helped along by the film’s other star — Andy Samberg, who’s no stranger to being completely ridiculous, and here adds a platinum blonde mullet to his act. With the added hilarity of June Squibb playing the Queen of England — and the promise of other names like Serena Williams, Will Forte, Michael Sheen, Mary Steenburgen, Fred Armisen and Lena Dunham — it’s hard not to imagine this TV event not being worth the modest 45 minutes you’ll have to spare for it.

Watch the trailer: