Marc Maron Dishes on Obama Interview, Ewan McGregor Is Down for More ‘Trainspotting’: Links You Need to See


It’s not everyday the President (or anyone, for that matter) comes to your garage to chat, so you can forgive Marc Maron for floating on a bit of a buzz cloud right now. Speaking to Vulture after his interview with Obama, Maron revealed that the conversation had been in the works for months. When the question of possible locations arose and he learned of Obama’s intent to do it in his garage, Maron told his producer, “‘Are you serious? That’s ridiculous, he’s gonna come to my house! He’s the president. I drove across town to talk to Judd Apatow.'”

One of the reasons How I Met Your Dad was abruptly halted was due to some CBS execs apparently not finding Greta Gerwig “likable” enough (they clearly never watched her run-dance through the streets of New York to Bowie’s Modern Love. On repeat.) In an interivew with the Huffington Post, Gerwig said, “I don’t understand it! Of course, I live in this culture and I think likability is not just an issue for characters, it’s an issue for women in general.”

Journalists and fans alike have harassed writer Irvine Welsh and director Danny Boyle for years about the possibility of a Trainspotting sequel (there are sequel and prequel books). And despite both being open to the project, various stumbling blocks have gotten in the way of any production, the most notable being Ewan McGregor’s falling out with Boyle, when Boyle had a last minute change of mind and cast box-office friendly Leo DiCaprio in The Beach instead of McGregor. But the two have now buried the hatchet and McGregor is ready to work with Boyle again. Speaking about a possible Trainspotting sequel, McGregor said, “I think it might be extraordinary to see a sequel 20 years after the original.” He also said he’d be happy to reprise his role as Obi Wan Kenobi, suggesting there’s a story to tell about what happens to the Jedi master between episode 3 and 4.

A Stanley Kubrick screenplay, The Downslope, is being made into a feature film trilogy with the full support of the Kubrick family. The story focuses on a series of Civil War battles that occurred between Union General George Armstrong Custer and the Confederate Colonel John Singleton Mosbys. /Film reports that Marc Forster will take the director’s chair for the first installment. In standard Kubrick fashion, the screenplay has allegedly been researched to the nth degree with detailed maps drawn and piles of notes written; presumably they will be made available to Forster and his production team.

Dance-rock-synth godfathers New Order will release their first new album in ten years. It’s called Music Complete, and features original New Order members Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilert, but alas, does not feature bass player Peter Hook. Why can’t you just get along, guys? You can listen to a short sample of their new work, with obligatory artwork from Peter Saville, here.