Peaches Announces New Album Feat. Kim Gordon, Shares First Video Feat. Anal Laser


As was evidenced in her recent interview with Flavorwire, Peaches has already given us a great many teaches, but there are still plenty more teaches to be taught. She briefly discussed the plans for her next album, Rub, which — after years of breaking new ground on old ground with her one-woman Jesus Christ Superstar adaptation, er, Peaches Christ Superstar, a rock opera called Peaches Does Herself, and a performance of Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece — the performer described as “Classic Peaches 2.0.” She said:

The bass that I always wanted is now available. The album has songs like ‘Dick in the Air,’ ‘Vaginoplasty,’ and ‘Dumb Fuck.’ They’re funny but, you know, they have a point.

The album has, as of today, officially been announced, with a release date set for September 25. Both Feist and Kim Gordon will be featured on Rub, the former on a track called “I Mean Something” and the latter on “Close Up.”

Alongside the news, Peaches released the first music video from the album, for the track “Light in Places.” And lest you think she’s not being literal with her lyrics, “I’ve got light in places/You didn’t know could shine,” the video features a breathtaking performance from Empress Stah, aka the “creator and performer of… the world’s only Laser Ass Aerial show.”

Watch the video (which is NSFW, you know, because of the whole butt-light thing):

Peaches also shared the dates for a long, upcoming North American tour, which will start June 27 in Minneapolis and end in Los Angeles on November 13. And lastly, she shared the full track list (true to her promise, “Dick in the Air” and “Vaginoplasty” are thankfully in there):

1. Close Up [ft. Kim Gordon] 2. Rub 3. Dick in the Air 4. Pickles 5. Sick in the Head 6. Free Drink Ticket 7. How You Like My Cut 8. Vaginoplasty [ft. Simonne Jones] 9. Light in Places 10. Dumb Fuck 11. I Mean Something [ft. Feist]