They Might Be Giants Cover Destiny’s Child, Muse’s New Album Gets Eviscerated: Links You Need to See


Since 2010, the A.V. Club have hosted A.V. Undercover (to varying degrees of success), in which they invite bands and singers to perform covers in their offices. Today they released They Might Be Giants’ cover of Destiny’s Child’s hit “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and it’s rather good.

Muse: a not very good band.

Conversely, even for things that aren’t rather good, Kurt Vonnegut once said that any reviewer who expresses rage is as preposterous as someone who has “put on a full suit of armor to attack a hot fudge sundae.” But it would seem that Mr. Agreeable at TheQuietus has dusted off his thickest mail armor to attacked Muse’s latest long player, Drones, which happens to be seeing its second week atop UK charts (and also happens to be a controversial flying device that’s being used, in Poland, for pro-choice activism). The Muse review is worth reading for its inventively excessive expletive usage alone. Although I tend to agree with Mr. Vonnegut’s above-mentioned sentiments, some incidents *cough* Muse *cough* just call to a person’s urge to vent and call a spade, a f****** spade, or, as the reviewer said, to exclaim:

F*** me with the wet end of a guided f***ing missile that’s accidentally landed in a giant tub of f***ing horseshit, the f***ing swear word hasn’t been coined that’s sufficiently f***ing potent enough to convey just what a jawdroppingly, pants-chewingly, arse-achingly abysmal f***ing album these serially offending c***wits have come up with this time round!

The censored curses continue, at that rate, throughout the review.

Seth MacFarlane has one of those heads, doesn’t he? You know what I’m talking about, one of those annoying heads that constantly smiles back at you with its annoying talents, no matter how much you want to reject it. Now MacFarlane can add “Liam Neeson impersonator” to his list of his many talents, as he proved with a spot-on takeoff of the Irish actor on Jimmy Fallon last night.

Aren’t you just sick of hearing how much money is being made by big stupid films like Jurassic World? No? Okay then, you can prepare yourself for next summer, and hearing about how much money the new Independence Day is going to earn. Two photos from production of the film, as well as the film’s title, have emerged. The above photo shows director Roland Emmerich looking very pleased with himself in front of some sort of alien transportation device. Unfortunately, neither photo has any sign of Bill Pullman, who gave the greatest speech any President has ever given, and who has signed up for the sequel.

When weird Australian agricultural minister Barnaby Joyce went slightly over-the-top and threatened to kill Amber Heard’s and Johnny Depp’s dogs, we all knew these were the actions of a man desperately trying to be seen as the representative of the people, “sticking one” to the A-list celebrity. Though, he just ended up just looking like a cruel dog-hater. Amber Heard thought the same: “I guess everyone tries to go for their 15 minutes,” she said in an interview with Austrialian TV, and added that she Depp will avoid Australia in future.