If Presidential Candidates Were Black Metal Bands…


Black metal is a bloodcurdlingly shrill subgenre of metal music, characterized by indistinguishably shrieked lyrics (as opposed to the baritone belches of death metal). The rare, trained ear that can decipher the human language beneath the deathly wails will find the contents often concern Satanist, pagan, or generally anti-Christian ideologies, blanketing the contemporary societal mores they disdain in the unquenchable flames of their violent vocalizations.

Whereas presidential candidates tend to be a bloodcurdlingly megalomaniacal subgenre of human being characterized by indistinguishably euphemistic catchphrases. The rare, trained ear that can decipher human language beneath their circumambulatory proclamations will find the contents often concern Christian, fundamentalist Christian — or if the candidate is a Democrat, Christian-lite — ideologies, blanketing the contemporary societal mores they wish to alter over the course of four (or eight!) years beneath the safe, pandering polish of their words.

While you may have never thought to commingle black metal and presidential candidates, such a task proves to be easier than you’d imagine: this has been meticulously proven by metal logo designer Christophe Szpajdel, who Fast Company Design enlisted to rebrand the current presidential hopefuls’ logos as those of black metal artists (and to use his imagination for those who do not yet have logos). Jeb Bush’s attempt to distance his identity from his not-too-popular family legacy with his “Jeb!” logo was redesigned, for example, to look like a twisting, leafless (keyword:) bush that’s ominously dripping blood (the artist thankfully kept the exclamation point intact). Here are a few of our favorites; visit Co.Design for the full set.

Jeb Bush, Image credit: Christophe Szpajdel/Co.Design

Bernie Sanders. Image credit: Christophe Szpajdel/Co.Design

Donald Trump. Image credit: Christophe Szpajdel/Co.Design