Trump and Young Are Still At It: The Donald Calls The Neil a Hypocrite on Twitter


When Donald Trump used Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” for his campaign announcement, it — alongside the pure fact that Trump sees himself as a future president — surely baffled and unsettled some people — one of whom was Neil Young himself. Young — the highly political musician whose upcoming 36th LP is a concept-album critique of Monsanto — unsurprisingly doesn’t align himself with Trump’s fiscal conservatism. He sent Trump a cease and desist following the announcement asking that he stop using the song — and instead granted Bernie Sanders permission to use it for his campaign.

But Trump didn’t get all those Trump Towers and Apprentices by silently accepting his critics. Yesterday evening, he took to Twitter to accuse Young of hypocrisy:

As proof, he posted a photo of himself and Young shaking hands, indeed looking very much in the midst of making a deal:

He very maturely finished with a below-the-belt dismissal of the song itself:

On another note, he has also been using Twitter to express how much he feels The View has fallen: