Kyle MacLachlan Assures Fans That the New ‘Twin Peaks’ Will Be “Amazing”


FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (and David Lynch) will be back in the upcoming Twin Peaks revival, and Kyle MacLachlan told Deadline that “its going to be amazing.” (MacLachlan played Cooper for 30 episodes of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s now cult-classic serial drama). “I’d always harbored, I guess, a fantasy that I might be able to revisit the character in some way,” MacLachlan said in his interview. “I so enjoyed him and he was such an interesting mix of…he’s just a complex person. I didn’t know what form that would take”

The original series followed Cooper as he investigated the murder of small-town Twin Peaks’ homecoming queen Laura Palmer (played by Sheryl Lee), who was found wrapped in a sheet of clear plastic on a river bank. Evidence discovered—including a small “R” under one of Laura’s fingernails—indicated that the killer lived in Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks launched a ratings frenzy, scooping up fourteen Emmy nominations during its first season, but saw a significant decline in ratings in the middle of the second season once Laura’s murder was resolved.

“I was completely surprised when David said, ‘it looks like we’re going to return,’ and I was very excited for two reasons really,” said MacLachlan. “One is the character of Dale Cooper, which is a lot of fun and the world of Twin Peaks. Secondly, the chance to work with David again because we haven’t worked together as actor/director for 25 years roughly.”