Courtney Love Was Motorcycled to Safety After Egging/Hostage Situation in Paris Uber Protests


BBC reported earlier today that French taxi drivers protesting Uber’s expansion to France had shut down roads to the Paris airports, as well as the Boulevard Périphérique, which does a ring around the city and is one of the most trafficked roads in Europe. And while the BBC is a predominantly timely and trustworthy source of news, it turns out they have some competition: Courtney Love. Passengers today were warned to travel by train, but Love clearly didn’t get the memo in time and, in her car from the airport, was immersed in the scene of automotive carnage — with cars burnt, turned over, tires slashed. A similar plight would ultimately befall the vehicle in which she was traveling — with her car egged, beaten with baseball bats, and her driver allegedly “taken hostage” — and she documented the whole thing on social media.

The protests came about as a result of licensed taxi drivers claiming to have had their earnings endangered — some having reported diminishing wages of up to 40 percent — by the company due to UberPOP’s allowance of unlicensed drivers.

Love’s story somehow involved Kanye West, and — despite her consistent disbelief that this was France, and her assertion that she’d be safer in Baghdad — ended in a romantically and stereotypically European scene of being swept away to safety by strangers. (Slightly less romantically: the strangers were paid, and rocks were thrown at them as they tried to escape). But the best way to experience it, really, is through Love’s own multimedia storytelling. So, without further ado: