Margaret Atwood Is Contributing a Comic Strip to ‘The Secret Loves of Geek Girls’


Margaret Atwood has decided to briefly put down her pen to pick up the paint brush—to help out a Kickstarter campaign for an all-female nonfiction anthology—The Secret Loves of Geek Girls. It features the many creators’ prose stories and comics as they “negotiat[e] their way through love, dating, and sex.”At the helm of the project is Hope Nicholson, a Canadian editor and comic-book publisher, who has called the compilation “a celebration of the stories we tell each other but never make public—until now.” Atwood will be contributing her own cartoons that draw on her “personal experiences as a young woman,” said Nicholson.

Atwood, who is a prolific Tweeter, already enthusiastically posted to her account about the project, pointing out that she’s the one with “white-hair w. cat” in the Geek Girls Kickstarter image, and is “pleased I have long legs at last.”

With twenty-eight days to go, Geek Girls has already reached its funding goal of $30,160— thanks to 1,099 backers at the time of this writing. One lucky backer has already locked down the “4 panel comic strip created just for you by Margaret Atwood!” at the bargain price of $1,500.