Coldplay + A-Ha + Mew = Supergroup?


It’s old news that Coldplay’s Chris Martin totally loves ’80s pop band A-Ha — he’s claimed them as his first favorite band and credited them for “incredible songwriting.” Okay, we guess. “Take On Me” was a good one, and we admit that the video is a winner. But now, Martin’s bandmate, bassist Guy Berryman, is the one blessed with the honor of teaming up with A-Ha’s Magne Furuholmen (keyboardist) and producer Martin Terefe as well as Mew’s frontman Jonas Bjerre to create a new musical (and multimedia?) project they call Apparatjik. We admit, we kind of assumed that the guys from A-Ha were dead. But it makes sense that they’re not — it was only the ’80s, after all.

The new supergroup (can we call it a supergroup?) has a website, which is super bizarre but actually kind of cool in its playful obliqueness: clicking on the nonsense sections will get you random (if often hilarious) pictures, sound bites and old-school YouTube videos. Apparently, however, die-hard fans have been trying to work out some sort of connecting link since September, and the group recently rewarded the 30 nerds with the best theories with a totally exclusive track, entitled “Electric Eye.” One of those fans has shared a sample with the class, but we say it’s not enough to judge.

What say you? Are we looking at the birth of a supergroup?