Watch: Tatiana Maslany Stars in Son Lux’s Terrifying “You Don’t Know Me” Video


Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany has momentarily abandoned the clone in favor of another club with equally sinister overtones: in a new video for Son Lux’s “You Don’t Know Me,” she plays woman who impassively eats well-arranged dinners with her partner and is also an equally impassive cult leader. (Perhaps she hasn’t abandoned the clones completely — there’s a bit of Helena in much of her behavior here).

As Son Lux (aka Ryan Lott) sings “you don’t know me at all,” the images flash between her deadened romantic life and her strange secret life performing rituals involving gum, eggs and loyal followers of her dealings with gum and eggs. This clandestine activity is seemingly not something in which she finds exhilaration outside of a smothering union, but rather just another rote aspect of her life. Watching the video, you’ll note Maslany’s excellence at ritualistically handing out gum, blowing creepy bubbles, playing ominous games of Duck Duck Goose, and wearing menacing pastel knee socks.

The video’s director, Nathan Johnson, said in a press release:

When Ryan first sent the album over to The Made Shop, this was the song that I kept coming back to. It touches a pretty raw nerve, and we wanted to explore the song in terms of the empty rituals we often see in relationships and, to a larger degree, religion. We wrote the video specifically for Tatiana and designed everything around her performance. She’s such a phenomenal actor, and she brings something so compelling to the role – this powerful figure who is stuck in the vacancy of routines that have lost their meaning.

“You Don’t Know Me” appears on Son Lux’s Bones, which was released last week.