‘Breathe,’ the Tale of Adolescent Obsession Written and Directed by Mélanie Laurent, Is Coming Stateside


Actor turned writer/director Mélanie Laurent first debuted Breathe (or Respire if we’re being pedantic) at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, but U.S. audiences — who were introduced to Laurent in a Hollywood context through Inglorious Basterds — will finally have the chance to see it. Arthouse distributor Film Movement acquired the rights to the film back in March, and it’s been announced that they’ll give Breathe a limited release across the country on September 11.

The story, based on the book of the same name, revolves around a destructive friendship between two teenage girls that, as Variety wrote, “unfolds with equal amounts of tenderness and terror.” Laurent recently won “best first time narrative feature” for Breathe at the Provincetown International Film Festival (Sshhh, no one tell the good folks at of Provincetown that it’s actually Ms. Laurent’s second feature).

Watch the trailer for Breathe below: