10 TV Events to Look Out For in July


There’s a shocking amount of new and returning shows in July, far too many to keep up with (especially considering all the leftover episodes from June), but if you stick to Netflix and Comedy Central, you’ll get everything you need. Still, here are ten TV premieres to keep an eye on, from Hannibal Buress’ new comedy to the return of Sundance’s flawless drama Rectify.

July 8: Hannibal Buress joins Key and Peele on Wednesday nights

As if the premiere of Key and Peele‘s fifth season wasn’t already exciting enough, Comedy Central is following it up with the premiere of Hannibal Buress’ new comedy Why? With Hannibal Buress. Why? is a mixed bag of comedy: a half-hour topical series that will feature stand-up, in-studio guests, man-on-the-street interviews, and filmed segments.

July 9: Rectify‘s third season premieres on Sundance

The gorgeous, poignant, and brutally sad Rectify is a must-watch series about a man rejoining the world after being acquitted of a crime that resulted in him serving 19 years on death row. It’s a riveting character study and the best show you’re not watching. (The first two seasons, which only total 16 episodes, are available on Netflix.)

July 12: Masters of Sex‘s revolution

The third season of Masters of Sex skips ahead to 1966, when Masters and Johnson “find themselves in the glare of the national spotlight as their controversial sex study is finally unveiled.” Oh, and also they’re figuring out their three-way marriage with Libby.

July 16: FX promotes sex, drugs, and marriage

Based on the quick teasers, Denis Leary’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, about an aging rock star trying to get the band back together, doesn’t seem too promising. If that’s true, at least we also have the Season 2 premiere of Married to look forward to that night!

July 17: Spend all day with Netflix

Why leave the house when you can watch Netflix for an entire day? On July 17, BoJack Horseman returns for a second season of 12 episodes. Season 1 of the animated comedy fared far better in its second half than in its first, putting its washed-up horse sitcom star on a path to sort-of redemption as he takes on his dream role of Secretariat in a biopic. After that, you can watch comedian Tig Notaro’s documentary Tig , which also premieres on Netflix on the 17th.

July 22: Reality takes over

It’s the return of the absolute best show in the entire world: VH1’s Dating Naked! In the second season of the reality dating series, contestants are “playing for keeps” and “looking for a soulmate” (perhaps inspired b the Dating Naked wedding last season). But let’s be fair: All that matters is that it’s still about strangers dating each other in the nude.

Over on NBC, there are a few changes for Last Comic Standing, too: Anthony Jeselnik takes over hosting duties while Norm Macdonald joins the judges’ table.

July 22: Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

We’re far past the point of explanations when it comes to Sharknado, but it’s worth mentioning that this third movie features everyone from Jerry Springer to Ann Coulter.

July 26: Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty‘s first season was such a wonderful surprise last year, an inventive — and occasionally even poignant — animated series from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The first season was over much too quickly, but fortunately we’re finally getting new episodes every Sunday.

July 30: Review finally returns to Comedy Central

Last summer, Review quickly became one of the funniest new shows of the year and provided more laughs per episode than most comedies do in an entire season. It was an unbelievable season, going from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye — I still routinely think about the pancakes episode — and wrote itself into a cliffhanger corner that only makes Season 2’s upcoming premiere that much more urgent.

July 31: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

What better way to cap a long, hot July than by plopping yourself in front of the television — and the air conditioner — to watch the entire season of Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer prequel?