Grace Jones’ Memoir Finally Gets a Release Date


Grace Jones has been working on her memoir for a few years now, eventually titling it I’ll Never Write My Memoirs. Now the singer, actress, and fashion icon’s book has a release date via publisher Gallery Books: September 29.

Jamaican-born Jones first came to the U.S. as a teenager and quickly ascended the couture ranks, thanks in part to her unique androgyny. Jones would go on to become a fixture at Studio 54 and within Andy Warhol’s cabal — undoubtedly a unique life.

She made her musical debut in 1977’s disco LP, Portfolio, and later transitioned into new wave and reggae. Then came the acting career, which included roles as a warrior queen opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan and a Bond villain in A View to Kill.

Jones also released the book’s cover, which is below via The Hollywood Reporter .

(Courtesy of Gallery Books, via THR)