‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 3 Episode 9: The Sketch You Need to See


Every episode of Inside Amy Schumer deserves to be talked about, but there’s always one segment that rises above the rest and necessitates a little extra conversation. In lieu of recapping full episodes, we’re here to help you with water-cooler conversation by letting you know which sketch was an absolute must-watch.

In Season 3’s penultimate episode, there were a wide variety of sketches and guest stars such as Mike Birbiglia as Schumer’s boyfriend who has to promise her brother they will never have anal sex, and Chris Gethard as a bar patron Schumer is trying to hookup with Rachel Dratch, despite Schumer’s poor wingwoman skills.

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A standout for me, however, was “Listen Alert.” A fake infomercial riffing on Life Alert bracelets, Listen Alert first seems like a product women can call when their partners (or equally chatty woman friends) aren’t paying enough attention to them. But the key in “Listen Alert” is that it reveals that it’s not just a product for woman but for men as well, because both men and women can both be very boring, and both men and women desperately need to be heard sometimes. It’s an equal opportunity sketch made even better by the Listen Alert employees’ enthusiasm for listening to mundane stories. The punchline is great, too: No one is paid enough to listen to someone’s dreams.