Daily Dose Pick: k-os


With his fourth album, Canadian rapper k-os continues to blur genre lines, working with everyone from Saukrates to Metric’s Emily Haines.

The affirmatively titled Yes! is strong on positivity, blending hip-hop, soul, folk, and rock in the artist’s inimitable potpourri style. Haines and Dears frontman Murray Lightburn both guest on “Uptown Girl,” while the more misleadingly named “I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman” heavily samples Phantom Planet’s “California.”

K-os touches on his genre-skirting tendencies straight off the bat, opening the album with sampled dialogue from 1989 flick Lean on Me, in which the accusation “Nobody knows what you’re doing!” is responded to with a snappy, “That’s exactly the way I like it.” Listen to the album below and you’ll easily agree.

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