These Nick Cave Dolls, Inspired by Nick Cave Songs, Can Be Yours for Just $40 Apiece


Have you ever, while listening to Nick Cave’s tawdrily beautiful folkloric musings, wished that you could just pick the singer’s brain over, say, a lobster dinner, or see how he might handle a current-day activity like zumba, or hear his response to Magic Mike XXL? Well, if you’re of the Lars and the Real Girl ilk and can project complex human interactions onto dolls, you can now, for a very reasonable $40, be besties with (a very small version of) the poetically sullen Australian.

In fact, you can actually be besties with a whole flock of $40 Nick Caves, each emulating the vibe of a particular song. These “very limited edition” plastic dolls by Plasticgod will make their dazzling debut at San Diego Comic Con this year. As you may know, Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” was already reimagined as a Dr. Seuss book, and now that track — along with five others — have been turned into miniature effigies of the man who made them.

Spelunk through the many Caves in this slideshow.

“Babe, You Turn Me On,” by Plasticgod

“Into My Arms,” by Plasticgod

“Red Right Hand,” by Plasticgod

“The Ship Song,” by Plasticgod

“Tupelo,” by Plasticgod