Of Course They’re Making a ‘Hello Kitty’ Movie, OF COURSE THEY ARE


Okay, everybody, check your watch (or your phone, or that little clock thing at the top of your computer screen), and make a note of the date and time. Because one day, you’ll want to remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you found out there’s going to be a Hello Kitty movie.

Deadline reports a target of 2019 for the release of a feature film based on the backpack fave, which sports no discernable personality and is known for little beyond, per Deadline, being a “red-bowed cat with six symmetrical whiskers.” But it is a thing that people recognize and can name, and in today’s #brand-savvy global marketplace, that is an automatic greenlight for a feature motion picture!

The film will be produced by Japanese “lifestyle company” Sanrio, which will bankroll the picture to the tune of “anywhere from $160 million-$240 million, including P&A, according to Sanrio execs.” So keep that figure in mind as you’re trying to scrape together half a mill to make your unique, groundbreaking films, indie directors!

But it’s not all depressing news—Deadline notes that Hello Kitty turned 40 last year, so who says there’s no work in Hollywood for women “of a certain age,” eh?