Watch: Shamir and Mac DeMarco Interview One Another Over Popcorn, Cigarettes and Jenga


Shamir and Mac DeMarco — two musicians whose image has something to do with their state of being somewhere between jubilant (and mischievous) adolescence and soberingly insightful adulthood (Shamir, who’s 19, is literally that, while DeMarco, who’s 25, is more so in spirit) — recently got together to play Jenga, eat popcorn, and interview one another for Complex. During the mutual interview, they both discuss their first experiences smoking (while also bemoaning their smoking habits); Shamir admits that he may have been inspired by a Courtney Love interview where she claimed to have gotten her “gravelly” voice by smoking and gargling whiskey. He also says that he cried when he saw DeMarco perform in Vegas.

They also contemplate what they’d do if they became one another: Shamir says he’d make out with DeMarco’s girlfriend “because she’s hot.” Pet peeves become another topic of conversation: DeMarco goes off on a tangent about the needlessly long ritual of getting the check/paying for meals at restaurants, while Shamir says he dislikes passive aggressive people — so no, this video isn’t particularly revelatory (unless you think the meaning of life and art lie in Mac DeMarco’s disdain for restaurant formalities), but it’s a charming six minutes of someone else’s Jenga game.