Cosby Admitted to Buying Drugs With Seeming Intent to Assault in 2005


That defamation-suit deposition that Bill Cosby sought to suppress because it might hurt his reputation? It’s been unsealed by the AP, and the findings are indeed pretty damning. One admission:

Bill Cosby admitted in a 2005 deposition that he obtained Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with.

Another admission the AP uncovered:

The 77-year-old comedian was testifying under oath in a lawsuit filed by a former Temple University employee. He testified he gave her three half-pills of Benadryl.

Certainly, this under-oath admission pokes a hole in the almost absurdly persistent rape denial that has withstood dozens and dozens of chillingly similar accusations against the comedian.

But covering it has also revealed a persistent squeamishness — based in a real concern about legal retribution, presumably — in the mainstream media about using the r-word, even when it’s been all but confessed to in a deposition.

Regardless of semantics, it’s now on the record that Cosby knew what he was doing. Yet the words of dozens of women have always been there, if we were listening.