Disney Is Making a Prince Charming-Centric Live-Action Film


Right now, writers across the world are locked away feverishly penning live action scripts to old fairytales. Probably. Because studios (well, one in particular) are showing an insatiable appetite for bringing these old tales to live-action life. The latest to join the list is fairytale C-lister Prince Charming, in a script penned by Matt Fogel that was snapped up by, you guessed it: Disney.

It’s reported that the story will be a comedy, and will give top billing not to Prince Charming, but his brother, who is struggling to live up to the high expectations of the family name.

Earlier this year Disney released a live action Cinderella, and filming currently is underway on Beauty and the Beast, which will star Emma Watson and Ewan McGregor. Also in the jam-packed roster is a live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, which has had a tumultuous life, with Sofia Coppola deciding to leave her role as director earlier this year.

Prince Charming is writer Matt Fogel’s first sale to a major studio. He is also currently working on another Disney project — Bob: The Musical.