Sandwich Spokesperson Jared Fogle’s Home Raided


Jared Fogle — who you may recall as the man who’d stand next to an oversized pair of pants, then stand next to a sandwich, and thereby urge people that Subway sandwiches would help them lose weight — had his home raided this morning. The NY Daily News reports that Fogle, 37, was held outside his Zionsville, Indiana home while an FBI task force investigated his property and took certain suspicious electronics to a forensics van nearby.

They note that — though it’s not clear that the two instances are related — this all comes after Russell Taylor, the Executive Director of the childhood obesity-fighting Jared Foundation, was arrested for child pornography charges in April. He’d been in possession of over 400 videos of the nature — which he’d recorded between 2012 and 2015.

Allegedly, Fogle’s wife and children left the house after the raid began, and Fogle himself is not currently under arrest. As this all happened this morning, the story is very much still developing.