Vince Staples “Fucks With The Stardust”


There’s a great Vince Staples interview at Rolling Stone, wherein Staples speaks of many things — but the most interesting, at least from the point of view of the legion of deranged David Bowie fans that comprises Flavorwire’s editorial staff, was that the rapper is a Bowie fan. He discussed it in the context of Summertime ’06‘s cover art, which bears a distinct resemblance to that of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures:

Even with the [album] cover and certain songs, people ask me, “Oh, you listen to Joy Division?” Like, why can’t I? Because I’m black? And on the other hand, I had a show where somebody’s manager was like, “Yeah, bro, I fuck with you. I’mma be honest I didn’t really listen to your music at first because I thought it was on some white-boy shit.” And my response was “What’s white-boy shit?” He didn’t know what to say. People are fucking crazy. I fuck with the Stardust though.

You heard the man: he fucks with Ziggy.