Male Author Poses as Pregnant Feminist Threatening Abortion to Promote Book


Today in “WTF, men”: author Chad Kultgen, author of recently published novel Strange Animals, has revealed himself as the creator of the website, reports The Cut. The problem? Kultgen had previously claimed to be a pregnant feminist who would get an abortion unless she could raise $1 million from pro-life donors, a stunt that Kultgen only revealed to be a hoax after the inevitable Fox News pickup.

Apparently, the “guerrilla marketing” stunt was based on the actions of Strange Animals’ protagonist, philosophy Ph.D. student Karen Halloway—which makes pretending to be the right’s nightmare of a heartless, baby-killin’ shrew totally okay, because hey, it’ll sell books! Kultgen’s publisher HarperCollins, mercifully, was unaware of and thus did not greenlight the site.

Note to future novelists: don’t do this.