Bill Cosby Was Dropped By CAA, Is Currently Without Hollywood Representation


Deadline reports that in the midst of the rape/drugging accusations against Bill Cosby, the comedian was dropped by his agent, CAA (whom he’d been with since 2012) months ago, and currently doesn’t have any Hollywood representation. The agency officially told the website, “We do not represent him at this time.”

Allegedly, they severed ties with Cosby before the Associated Press got ahold of documents with Cosby’s deposition in which, in 2005, he admitted to having purchased Quaaludes to give to women he “wanted to have sex with.” Since that news, some of his former defenders who were unwilling to see the accusations of so many women as valid evidence, are dissociating from and condemning him — with Jill Scott stating in a Tweet, “I stood by a man I respected and loved. I was wrong. It HURTS!!! When you get it ALL right, holla.”

Meanwhile, Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios recently took down a bronze statue of Cosby that was formerly on display. Deadline concludes, “Unless Cosby can somehow prove that the allegations are false, it seems unlikely he will need an agent for he’ll probably never work in this town again.”